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Tied down with cables?

Want the freedom of WiFi at your place? Want to access the internet in ALL the rooms not just the ones closest to the equipment?

Don’t want to pay over $150 at your internet company and wait weeks for an installation that sometimes fails as soon as you say “goodbye”?

Then you have come to the right place.

What you don’t know!

Technical support centers all over Canada are flooded with calls with reports of WiFi that fails constantly, Why???  Well after surveying the internet providers in Canada all of them installed or sent out their WiFi equipment set to a stock standard frequency. Meaning you, your neighbor, their neighbor and the guy over the back fence is all using the same channel causing interference.

Why is frequency important?

When WiFi was in its infancy it did not cause many problems, because only a few people had the equipment to send internet through the air, internet was a fraction of the speed it is today, and content was small and required far less bandwidth to use the content that was available. However now WiFi is common place, and with that comes the problem. EVERYONE in your area is using the same frequency, has faster internet, and using it to download larger amounts of data.

The Solution

There is no one size fits all solution, each case needs a few quick scans and tests done then the solution put into place. The solution in most cases is inexpensive and efffective and will have you and your family so much frustration and stress. We will use our equipment to scan all the signals congesting the airspace and find the clean air, free from interference and competition from other wireless devices in the area. That is exactly where we will broadcast your WIFI network.

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